The University of British Columbia’s (U.B.C) offers an online program in the field of Certificate in Professional Communication. The program is divided into two sections, one is the leadership track, and last is the general track. The UBC admitted me in the program, and I enrolled in the general track as it would apply to my academic and personal needs as an avid blogger, self-publishing author, and karate instructor.

I attended the U.B.C.  from January 2016 to March 2017 to complete eight courses to satisfy the core program requirement as it is prescribed on the handout. The capstone of the program requires from the perspective students to create a WordPress blog to make a blog entry about their experience in this program that how this program improve the quality of their writing skill, and public speaking that I was interested.

This blog will highlight the courses that I took at the U.B.C and how those classes improve my English proficiency, and public speaking. To have a firm comprehension that how each course refined my English proficiency, I created a distinct page for each course under the course title that it was offered at the U.B.C. Furthermore, the program cultivates a positive atmosphere for the students to engage with one another for the purpose of professional development and personal growth. It is unlike other programs that you may have experienced in the past.

All in all, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and inspire you to take the program at the U.B.C. to improve the quality of your writing skill as well as your public speaking. The program was beneficial for me as I was able to discover my weaknesses and gradually distancing myself from those shortcomings. I firmly believe that this program is a good stepping stone for me because it encouraged me and gave me the confidence that I needed to take English courses seriously and planning in the future to enroll in other English courses with the intention of improving my English writing skill and public speaking. It was a helpful program for me as it may become a good program for you.

Yours sincerely

Peyman (promise) ADL (justice) DOUSTI (friendly) HAGH (righteous)